General Privacy Policy

Brother Anthony Council 10014 (“council”) respects the privacy of its members and the confidentiality of the member information that it collects as a service organization. Member information refers to any information that may be used to identify or contact a member. 
Council limits the collection and use of member information so that it may deliver its services under the four guiding principles of the Knights of Columbus: charity, fraternity, unity and patriotism.  
Use of personal information
Brother Anthony Council uses member information in the normal course of providing its services. Council uses member information to notify membership of any services that it provides.  
Council may provide member information to a duly appointed Field Agent of the Knights of Columbus who in turn may contact members about the benefits of Knights of Columbus insurance and financial services.
Members’ names may appear in articles of the council’s newsletter The Anvil. These include the names of members involved with projects, those acknowledged for contributions and achievements, and other matters related to the services and work of the Knights of Columbus. The Anvil routinely lists the names of executive members, program directors and committee chairs.
Brother Anthony Council will otherwise not disclose any member information to a third party without the members’ expressed consent.   
Accuracy of personal information

Council strives to ensure member information is accurate and up to date.